Textile Standards & Legislation is a 100+ page printed booklet which includes easy-to-read snapshots and concise summaries of the key points of each third-part label, standard, framework or, individual piece of legislation that we include here on-line.

Since it was first published back in 2009 – then known as the Eco-Textile Labelling Guide – our printed version has proved to be an essential reference tool for retailers, brands and those forward thinking textile industry stakeholders who want to minimise the environmental and social impacts of their businesses.

Because our printed booklet is easy to share with colleagues in office, can be read on the plane, train or even at home, and is yours to keep forever, it has become an MCL News & Media bestseller.

After all, many readers still want print. Even Amazon has recently opened it’s own real-life store selling real-life printed books!

However, we’re no Amazon. As such, we only have a limited print run of our guide. So if you want to guarantee you will be able to read our latest version – published in April 2020 – feel free to reserve your copy HERE.

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